Beautiful Skin, Beautiful Life

I am finally back! It seems forever since I’ve blogged! My Vietnam trip was amazing and I still need to blog about that, but since school is coming up I’ve decided to review some beauty products that I think everyone should get. My friend and I decided to hit up the mall today during her visit here in Saint Louis. Both of us purchased a face/body mask from LUSH. LUSH is a cosmetics retailer that originated in the U.K, but I am so happy that it branched out to the U.S because honesty I love this store. This product is good for those who have oily skin (me). The product has a light mint leaf scent to it, it is very buttery which means it covers a lot of surfaces so you don’t have to use a ton. I got the 4.4 oz rather the bigger container, because I didn’t know how the product would work on my face. I honestly love it, because it’s makes the skin feels so amazing afterwards. I’ve realized that the LUSH mask is pretty expensive, so I got a dupe for you. LOreal’s go 360 Clean works just about the same, it cleans out your pores, it helps with oily skin. Rather paying about 16 dollars, you would only get it for about 7 dollars.

The second product is Laura Mercier’s translucent loose setting powder. I love this product, because it doesn’t make your face look like a greasy pig afterwards. They also had a white translucent powder but I got the shade one because I prefer the product to match my skin color. The product is $38.00.

The third product is a Caudalie face washing kit. I highly recommend this kit to everyone, but unfortunately to some it may make your face break out. This kit includes a detox mask, cleanser mask, moisturizing sorbet, and an eye lifting balm. I’ve tried all four and it makes your face feel so fresh and clean. I got this kit for free at Sephora, yes it is free if you use your Sephora Beauty Insider card. But if you were to purchase this kit, it’s around $39.00-49.00. Pretty pricey.

Update: I have about 11 days left until my move to Chicago, so I will be a bit busy posting my next blog up. There’s a few people that asked me to do a back to school haul, but I don’t think I will be doing that considering I have so many things to do with so little time!  As always, stay tuned! xx