Live Colorfully in Chicago

School’s just around the corner and you’re probably sitting here thinking “I don’t want to go back”. I’m on the same page. School gets a bit stressful especially if you’re in high school taking all AP/honor courses. (If you don’t know what AP/Honors is, it’s basically an advanced course). But as for me, I’m a college freshmen and I have to admit it’s pretty scary thinking I’ll be away from friends & family! It maybe scary, but it’s a huge opportunity to move to a well known big city for college. I’m originally from Saint Louis, which is a pretty well known place in Missouri. I grew up in a suburban area and growing up I always dreamt of studying in a big city. I know weird dream, but my goal in high school was to get out of Saint Louis for college. This is where it gets a bit personal. I’m pretty sure a lot of people can relate to this. But in high school I struggled to figure out on what I wanted to do & who I wanted to be. My mom wanted me to persue a career as a dermatologist or a lawyer. I feel like high school is a hard time for people to actually express or reveal who they really are because during that age it’s pretty stressful. Everyone expects you to do one thing but you want to do another.

I believe by senior year, I knew that I wanted to work in the entertainment industry. Such as working as a talk show host or a radio personality. Somewhere along those career paths, it influenced me to major in radio broadcast/communications. But with a major like that, internships become your best friend. A few months ago, I came across a legit site for internships for college students to learn more & work part time in their career cluster. I came across many internships for radio broadcasting, which was good! The hard part was, standing out from the hundreds of internship applications that they recieved. The internship that I called/emailed for took about a month to respond. During that range of time, I kept emailing/calling. I felt as if I was annoying them, but I had to! I wanted a spot in the internship.

After a month, they responded telling me that they wanted to schedule an interview with me. I was so happy, I even cried! My wait was finally worth it. After that, it was time for me to pack my bags and head over to Chicago for the internship. I can’t really go into detail about it for personal reasons. But to sum it all, I met some pretty amazing people during my stay in Chicago. Some who became some of my closest friends. Even if you feel alone in a big city, you’re not truly alone. I had the chance to explore around Chicago and got to dine in some of the most amazing places! I really love Chicago and I know for sure I will be enjoying my four years of college here. As always, stay tuned!¬†

Chicago at night
Chicago’s scenery is truly amazing
After I ate at Bar Louie, I had the chance to explore Chicago
Beautiful city with beautiful scenery
My flight was during the night and I had the chance to take this amazing view