Paradise in Punta Cana

A week in Punta Cana was a very relaxing vacation that I desperately needed. When you’re traveling back and forth for an internship, it’s best to have some time off for yourself. If you guys don’t know where Punta Cana is, it’s located in the Dominican Republic. Some of my friends thought I was in Mexico! I didn’t make my way to Mexico this year, but hopefully next summer. The resort I was staying at was called Paradisus, but I would have to rate their service 2/5. It was decent, but I think they could have done a bit better. But aside from that, I had a blast driving my speedboat along the coastline. The ocean was so beautiful that my cousin and I took the boat out everyday during our stay. The water was very clear and you could see the bottom of the ocean.

During my stay, I met so many amazing people from different countries such as Costa Rica, Canada, Italy, Germany, and Venezuela. If you’re wondering, yes I met someone special. But.. I’m going to save that story for another time. Spanish is the main language in Punta Cana. Having my fluent Spanish speaking cousin along the side was a huge help in many situations. As myself, I knew only a few phrases in Spanish.

I had way too many piña coladas during my stay, drinking age in this country is 18 as in the US it’s 21. So don’t worry I was drinking legally for a week. Being a rebellious person, I had explored basically the whole menu they had there. (I would not recommend anyone doing this). The next day, I woke up with a huge headache along with having my stomach turn. So lesson learned, don’t over drink even if you’re on vacation.

The beach was probably my favorite part along with speedboating. The saltwater was beautiful as the waves had a gentle flow. The water was almost close to clear and it didn’t have that yucky color of sand to it. Some people took this opportunity to go scuba diving since the water was so beautiful. As for me, I went snorkeling and saw that there were many beautiful types of fish.

To sum this all up, Punta Cana is a very beautiful place and it’s the perfect destination for those who love the beach. It’s sad that I had to leave Punta Cana, but I’m happy to say I will be back next summer. Right now I’m packing my bags for my next destination: Nha Trang, Vietnam. As always, stay tuned!

Here are some pictures during my trip:

Speedboating along the coast
View of palm trees in the resort
entrance to the beach
view of 1/5 of the swimming pools
Evening view of the pathway
Evening walks on the beach
Flamingos that I saw in the resort lobby
Raw tuna rolled in black sesame and drizzled with smoked soy sauce. Topped with shredded veggies
drinks above: Bartender’s special & Banana Mama