Express Haul

Since it’s summer, I’ve decided to finally clean out some of my old clothes and add in some new ones. One of my favorite stores to shop at is Express. Express is an American fashion retail store that sells clothes for men and women. I must add in that I used to work for Express at a mall close to my area. Luckily, I saved up some money to spend because asking for my mom for money would cause her to freak out. Express is a fairly expensive  place to shop for everyday wear. Today, they had a big sale which meant more clothes for me! I was able to finally purchase 2 pair of jeans from there! This isn’t very likely for me because their jeans cost $79.90 (so expensive). Also I’ve never build the confidence to wear jeans. I’ve always felt like I was fat in them because my size wouldn’t be below a 10.  But today I was able to fit in the size I want and to treat myself, I bought another pair. I decided to then on buy a couple of Express One Eleven shirts. Let me tell you..they are the most comfortable shirts you will ever find. To end off my purchase, I bought a necklace and a bracelet to complete the look for my new clothes. If you ever have the time, make your way up to Express! This store is only available in the United States, so if you’re from another country and want to check this place out, please do. Below I will show you the items that I got including the price.

*With the sale promotion, it was buy one at regular price & get the second one for $29.90
Express One Eleven Burnout London Tee $29.90
Lace-up Front Girlfriend Tee $34.90
Hook Bangle $22.90
Hi Lo Layered Lariat Necklace $26.90